To The Bowen Scarff Buying Center In Kent Washington


Selling Your Car or Truck in Renton Washington has never been easier! Located near Westfield Southcenter Mall. Get the best price for your vehicle. From Renton Highlands to Cascade


1. Get Your Offer

Get a fast cash offer for your Car or Truck in Renton WA by answering a few brief questions by selecting your vehicle above. The offer will break down current value based on real vehicles currently in the market similar to yours and provide you a detailed cash offer.

2. Drop it off

Its a quick ride from Renton to Kent, We make scheduling your vehicle drop off a simple hassle & stress free experience. We will contact your by text, phone or email to describe your next steps. Appointments visits usually take less than 30 minutes.

3. Get Cash

We will perform a speedy on-site verification of the details you entered about your car for sale and handle all the necessary paperwork making it easy for you to collect your payment.


We’re here to help answer any questions. Feel free to read over our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Who is Bowen Scarff in Kent?

The Scarff family has been providing New and Used vehicle services near Renton and greater puget sound region for over 60 years. We have an outstanding reputation. After we appraise your vehicle you will receive an offer in writing. The appraisal process is No obligation to sell. We buy vehicles even if you are not planning on purchasing one from us.

How is selling a car to us different from other buyers or dealerships?

An offer from Bowen Scarff is valid if you plan on purchasing from us or not. This is not always the case at other stores. The offer provided is often contingent on buying a vehicle as part of the overall appraisal process. 

How is my vehicle appraised?

As long as your vehicle matches the description provided and in the time frame allowed that is the offer you will get. Vehicle condition can vary and will require an on-site inspection to confirm and is contingent on passing that final inspection. Our appraisers will go over in detail all factors considered when giving you the best market price available. 

Is an appointment necessary?

No, an appointment is not necessary or required. But for a better experience and to avoid a longer than necessary wait time based on other prior appointments it is encouraged that you set an appointment as your valuable time is important to us. Inspections typically take less than 30 minutes.

Can I still sell my car if it is a Lease?

Absolutely, in most cases, you can sell your leased vehicle in essentially the same way any financed car is sold. We will perform the appraisal and confirm a payoff quote on your behalf. 

What if I still have a lien on my car?

In order to pay off an existing lien, we will need your lien holder's name and phone number, the name on the account, and any account number or Social security number associated with the account. We will then reach out to your lien holder to obtain a payoff. If there is a paid-off lien listed title, we will need both the title and release from the lien holder prior to us purchasing your car or truck.

How do I get my Cash?

After our inspection is completed and confirmed Bowen Scarff will issue a check made payable to the name listed on the title.

How complicated is the paperwork?

Bowen Scarff in Kent will manage and handle the paperwork for you!


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