Commercial Vehicles

 We Put Your Business First at Bowen Scarff Ford Lincoln Ford Fleet Trucks and Commercial Sales!

As a business in the Seattle area, you are looking for ways to save money and get quality ford fleet trucks and commercial vehicles for your fleet needs. Bowen Scarff Ford Lincoln specializes in ordering, shipping, maintaining, leasing and selling a huge selection of commercial Ford & Lincoln fleet vehicles.

We have the ability to customize Ford & Lincoln vehicles in thousands of different combinations, as well as the experience to work out the right financing, maintenance plans and programs just for you and your company.

We make it easy to get the information busy fleet managers need. Fleet solutions. Fast. Online.

Please contact our Fleet Office toll-free at 1-800-577-1158 and ask for Dan Forward. Business customers are eligible for a number of unique benefits, including unique pricing and incentives, as well as Commercial Lease and great finance terms.

Are you an A/D/X/Z Plan Buyer?

Great! We welcome your business on most new Ford & Lincoln vehicles! Again, contact our Fleet Office toll-free at 253-813-5040 and ask for Dan Forward to confirm your eligibility.

Fleet Office Information:
Our fleet office is located at our main dealership at 1157 Central Avenue North in Kent next to our New Ford & Lincoln Showroom. Call our Commercial Fleet Manager directly at 253-813-5040
Courtesy Delivery

Please contact our Fleet Manager, Dan Forward, to learn more about our Courtesy Delivery Services and to get a quote for this service.

Courtesy Delivery Service is a service that dealers perform for the delivery of fleet vehicles.

Courtesy Delivery is often used by the Fleet customer because of the multiple destinations their ordered vehicles must be shipped to.

To Become a Ford or Lincoln Fleet Account:

To become a Ford or Lincoln Fleet Account you must register for a Fleet Identification Number (FIN Code). In order to be eligible for a FIN Code you must meet the following requirements:

If you are a Commercial, Rental, Fleet Management or Utility Company, you must have purchased, registered or leased 5 or more NEW vehicles (any make or model) in the company name during the current model year or within the last 12 months. OR currently operate a fleet of 15 or more vehicles, any make or model, (owned or leased) in the company name.

If you are a Government Agency, you must have purchased, registered or leased 1 new vehicle (any make or model) in the agency name during the current model year or within the last 12 months. OR currently operate a fleet of 3 or more vehicles (owned or leased) in an agency name.

If you are a Taxi Company, you must have purchased, registered or leased 2 or more vehicles (any make or model) during the past model year or currently operate a Fleet of 5 or more vehicles.

If you are a Limo, Livery or Funeral Company, the following documentation is required: a For- Hire permit, Livery License or a Letter of Intent, in either the company or personal name. No minimum vehicle requirement.

How To Request a FIN:

Step 1: To contact us, please complete the on-line FIN registration form or call the Ford Fleet Customer Information Center (FCIC) at 1-800-34-FLEET (1-800-343-5338), Option 1, Pick 1.

Step 2: When your documentation has been received and verified by the FIN Team, your FIN Code will be activated. Please note: you will be asked to provide proof of ownership of the vehicles in your fleet. Documentation can be faxed to (313) 390-4829. Types of required documentation: New Vehicle Orders. Current vehicle registrations. Insurance schedules. Lease agreements. Billing statements from a leasing company. New titles.

Step 3: When verification is complete and finalized, you will receive a welcome packet through the mail, with your FIN code, an Access Code for web registration and a list of incentives for the year. As a Fleet customer, you and your company will have access to exclusive benefits, specifically tailored for Ford Fleet: Fleet incentive and program information. Advance notice of product information. Vehicle option availability. Vehicle order status and scheduling. Priority scheduling and allocation.

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